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by Cyndi Wyss

Forty-nine-year-old Lynne Tipsworth is a wife, a mom of three teens, and an attorney who works 40 to 50 hours a week.

The Lake Barrington resident also puts in at least four to five hours a week at Yin Yang Pilates & Yoga Studio in Lake Zurich.

"It's huge," Tipsword said of how key the studio has become to her mentl and physical health. "I absolutely need it."

Tipsword was among clients who followed Yin Yang owner Laura Cappelletti to her Lake Zurich location after she closed her Barrington studio last summer.

Cappelletti loves showing off her Lake Zurich space. It's larger by about 500 square feet (up to 2,000 from 1,500), and enjoys a symbolic relationship with neighboring All Ways Healthy Natural Food Center. In fact, Cappelletii said, her business has expanded by 25 percent since the move.

The Lake Zurich studio features warm nutmeg walls, eco-conscious design, a tea area, handicapped accessibility, ample space for pilates equipment and more.

"You own a business, and then you have a wish list," said Cappelletti, a lifelong fitness enthusiast. "Now we have everything we want."

Cappelletti, of Barrington, has bachelor's degree in exercise physiology from the University of Illinois and multiple STOTT Pilates Certifications. Yin Ynag employs 17 people, including five pilates instructors, all trained in rehabilitative methods.

Cappelletti describes pilates as an exercise form that builds and strengthens the muscles closest to the bones, providing strength and protecting against injury. Machines that emply pulleys, straps, and springs rather than weights allow for an almost infinite number of exercises.

Clients range in age form 4-year-olds to 80-year-olds, and in physical condition form those who never previously worked out to hard-core athletes.

Costs vary. A 10-pack of group fitness classes goes for $140, or $14 a class. An unlminited group fitness package is available for $95 a month, offering access to all non-equipment classes.

On-on-One training costs $65 an hour and includes free posture analysis. And a 20-pack of group reformer classes, in which no more than four clients are using the reformer equpiment, costs $490, or about $24 per class, Cappelletti said.

Program details are available on our schedule page

Tipsword said she believes Yin Yang seperates itself from similar busineses through its quality-employee focus and emphasis on community - local and global.

It's not uncommon, for example, for groups of clients to participate in charitable events such as the recent Avon Walk for Breat Cancer. And Cappelletti donates malaria-preventing bed nets to Africa each time someone buys a private yoga or pilates package.

"Truly, it's a magical place," Tipsword said, "And I don't give compliments lightly."

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