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Love it at Yin Yang, Enjoy the non-judgmental care and encouragement. Especially, appreciate high levels of certification and experience of instructors.

Yin Yang has the best trained and educated instructors I have ever encountered at any facility in my 40 years of exercise classes at various places in the US and Asia.

Yin Yang is the best place to not only workout hard but to enjoy being with the best instructors and make great friends.

I can honestly say the awesome atmosphere and camaraderie created at Yin Yang makes working out motivating and fun and I look forward to being there everyday.

I enjoy all of the classes I take at Yin Yang. The teachers are professional, encouraging, and make even the tough workouts fun.

I’ve always been flexible, but now I know how to move properly and not over extend. I have abs! I feel steadier and stronger and self-confident.

I love working out here. The workouts are always different and challenging.

I really enjoy Yin Yang and will continue to come for years!

What a difference! My core is so strong! I feel better all over. What a great group of girls/guys to workout with. The trainers are terrific!!

The Yin Yang Pilates studio and its staff have been instrumental in my goals for a longer, leaner, stronger body. As someone who used to play competitive golf at the highest level Laura and her studio have helped me gain strength and flexibility that I never thought possible. I have added power to my golf game and also have better shotmaking ability because of the workouts. My overall way of life has improved as well. I feel healthier both mentally and physically. Yin Yang Pilates has the best pilates equipment around the Chicagoland area and all of their trainers have years of experience. Coming to Yin Yang is easily the smartest fitness move I have ever made. I am very fortunate to have found Laura and her studio and would recommend it to everyone.

- Nathan B.

The Leadership, teachers, students, classes have all become such a vital and rewarding part of my life. I can no longer be without. The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness is so enriching that comes from Yin Yang Pilates.

- Diane K.

There is an immediate sense of calmness in the whole environment and experience while still giving the body and mind a renewal of energy. A great workout, family, and instructors.

- Sandy

Yin Yang Pilates has met and exceeded my expectations. Laura Cappelletti is a certified professional who strives to understand and fulfill her clientʼs needs. Her studio is well equipped. The atmosphere is peaceful and harmonious.

I came to Yin Yang Pilates to see if their classes could fit in the crazy schedule I have at work and what transpired has been such a rewarding experience. The classes I have taken have been both a mentally and physically enriching experience for me. Recently I had a very defining moment in my life. After one of my pilates classes, I reached down to stretch during the cool down and was completely overcome by the ability to finally, after 47 years, to touch my toes! Through the expert instruction and spunky enthusiasm of the teachers I live better, feel better, and appreciate more. Thank you for the journey.

-Ingrid P.

They are the best! Iʼm comparing to classes I take across the country.

-Don R.

Shalini is a true gift as a yoga teacher!

I love coming here! My friend and I have been coming since it opened. My daughter has taken classes and my husband too.

-Tracey S.

The teachers, the students, the location, and the leadership - it has turned my life around.

Shalini always has the practice moves that are needed for her students. I learn something new with every class she teaches. I feel very grateful for her being our teacher.

Another very challenging class. A lot of variety and new exercises with ball and strap. Way to go Nicole!

I feel peace and harmony. Outstanding yoga class from the core and full of compassion. Mantras are very beautiful.

I love the workouts! The pace is at a wonderful balance to the difficulty. Natalie has wonderful way of teaching and really helps work what we need.

Love it! Laura is so motivating!

I talked to Dawn last week and she explained why she comes to Yin Yang rather than the previous yoga studio she went to. She said the instructor was so intense and the vibe there was completely different. She has had enough intensity in her life and her yoga doesnʼt have to be like that too. She likes to come to Yin Yang because she feels nurtured and that her mind and spirit are cared for too. She likes to come here because she feels welcomed and that people know her. She likes the safeness and warmness of Yin Yang.

Natalie is great. She works us just beyond our ability and always watches that we engage the correct muscles.

Pilates Fusion is a great class, very challenging, but good!

I just started. . . very patient instructors . . . and classes . . . many too go.

- Cherie

Itʼs been great! I feel so much stronger!

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