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Small group pilates training on the equipment.  (RBC - Reformer, Barrel & Chair.)

Small Group Pilates on the Equipment

Reformer, Barrel and Chair Pilates Workout

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Small Group Pilates on the Equipment.  (RBC: R-reformer, B-Barrels C-Chair)

Maximum of four clients to ensure safety and individual attention!

Spring into fitness, reach goals with our wide variety of small group pilates on the equipment! Our instructors  DESIGN and CREATE programming utilizing STOTT PILATES reformer, chairs, arc barrels, trampolines, jumpboards, ballast ball, bosus and much more…and BRING TO YOU – Exercise programming that is unique, highly functionional, effective and most important A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!

RBC- Multi: This class moves through a series of essential and intermediate pilates exercises to give the body a complete and thorough workout. (Multi Level)

RBC – Intermediate/Advanced: This class will include both essential and intermediate exercises on the reformer, barrel and chair. Principles must be fully understood and essential exercises mastered to begin this class..

TRX/RBC Combo: Developed by a Navy SEAL, TRX is designed to build strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility. The system works with your own body weight to create an individual total body workout. Combined with pilates on the equipment, this workout will give you a well rounded cardio, weight training, and core strengthening workout. (Multi Level)

RBC Essentials: Small Group Pilates Training on the Equipment for beginners. This class will include both essential and intermediate exercises on the reformer, barrel and chair. Principles and essential exercises will be taught step by step.


To Register call or visit the studio, 847-719-1800, 111 Rand Rd., LZ  Once a package is purchased you may sign up for any one, two or ten classes at a time!  Our flex system allows for busy schedules and busy lives.  Simply log in to Yin Yang Pilates Mindbodyonline scheduling  the class of choice.     24 hours notice to sign up and 24 hours to cancel anytime, anywhere!

Enrollment required.   A package must be purchased prior to scheduling online.

You may purchase a 10 class package for $300 or a 20 class package for  $540,   EXPRESS PACKAGE:  $250 – Ten RBC classes in Ten Weeks.


RBC - Small Group Pilates on the Equipment SCHEDULE:


9:00am – RBC multi level

5:00pm – RBC multi level

6:00pm – RBC multi level

7:00pm – RBC multi level

6:30am – RBC multi level

8:00am – Intermediate/Advanced

12:00pm – RBC multi level

4:30pm – RBC multi level

5:30pm – RBC multi level

6:30pm – RBC Essentials


10:00am – RBC multi level

3:00pm – RBC multi level

4:00pm – RBC multi level

6:00pm – RBC multi level

7:00pm – RBC Essentials


10:15am – RBC multi level

12:00pm – RBC multi level

5:00pm – RBC multi level


8:00am – RBC-Intermediate/Advanced

9:00am – RBC Essentials

12:30pm – RBC multi level

8:00am – RBC multi level

10:00am – RBC Essentials

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